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Marty's Positions

  • Marty's Plan for Affordable Housing
    Address permitting issues that delay the construction of new affordable housing units. Use unused, underused, or city-owned motels, hotels, and vacant homes for transitional housing. Expand resources for supportive communities and explore building them on City-owned land and run by nonprofits. Lobby the State to address insurance and liability rates skyrocketing that make building mid-price condos impossible. Support and expand community trusts to reduce displacement. Rezone to allow Accessory Dwelling Units citywide. Expand building more Safe Outdoor Spaces and Tiny Home Villages on City land. Invest in additional rapid rehousing and housing stabilization programs to keep people in their houses.
  • Marty's Plan for Public Safety
    Invest in after-school programs at the schools so transportation is not an issue for youth to participate. Invest in nonprofits that provide violence prevention programs such as working with gang members, offering programs on consent and sexual assault in schools, and anti-bullying/cyberbullying programs. Recruit 70 people to fill the openings at the DPD to bring it up to manageable levels and 30 more people to work in the Sheriff’s office so they are not required to work overtime. Purchase and distribute gun locks to people who buy guns targeting those who have minors in their houses and hold them accountable if their children use the guns for any other reason than hunting or self-defense in their homes. Provide more funding for and hire more people to implement the STAR program and other co-responder programs. Increase access to lighting and motion sensors to deter theft in public and private locations. Create a program to provide discounted wheel locks in areas with the highest car theft levels. Create an action plan to implement key components of the Task Force for Reimagining Policing and Public Safety which includes empowering local communities, improving accountability, and creating public safety policies.
  • Marty's Plan to Combat Homelessness/Houselessness
    Develop coalitions to innovate around a Housing First model. Recruit additional social workers and case managers to serve more people with more services. Enforce the camping ban and direct people to vacant city property where camps can be established until housing becomes available. The only sweeps at these camps will be to clean them once a week. Provide security through non-DPD security sources and provide mobile showers and access to services at the encampments. Perform a review of Denver’s shelters and address key issues in them such as safety, cleanliness, and drug abuse, before extending contracts for them to provide services with city dollars. Connect veterans and people with disabilities to existing benefits such as Social Security Disability Insurance and veterans' benefits. Address the pipelines to homelessness such as adding more support to the foster care program, and performing outreach in hospitals and schools to identify people at risk of losing their homes or are newly homeless. Work with more nonprofits serving people experiencing homelessness to leverage their connections, case workers, networks in addressing mental health and addiction issues.
  • Marty's Plan for Economic Development
    Address the Denver Permit Office’s backlog to encourage continued growth and development. Support community reentry of formerly incarcerated people and remove barriers to employment. Incubate employment programs that encourage people with disabilities to apply for city and other jobs with an educational component about how to keep their benefits. Increase access to capital and contracting opportunities for BIPOC-led and BIPOC- serving businesses.
  • Marty's Plan to Combat Systemic Injustice
    Address air quality, pollution, and other environmental issues that disproportionately impact the health of marginalized communities. Increase funding to community-based organizations by removing barriers to the contracting process. Provide training on diversifying workforces in meaningful and authentic ways. Examine city policies from a social justice perspective. For example, addressing displacement prior to any zoning changes. Require developers to create impact plans that address how developments will impact neighborhoods, traffic, safety, the environment, and provide transparency of who will profit from the development, how those people will profit, and what is being provided by the City for maximum transparency.
  • Marty's Plan to Combat Climate Change
    For buildings: Stop telling the oil and gas and building industries how to meet reduced carbon emissions and give them the goals so that they can innovate to meet the requirements. Expand weatherization programs to support and protect historic houses and buildings in Denver. Continue providing these services to lower-income residents as well. For Public Transit: Assess and repair bus stops to ensure that they are accessible and safe. Finalize the Denver Moves plan to improve infrastructure and our public transit program and create an implementation plan that includes finding alternative funding sources other than just raising taxes. Expand the e-bike rebate program, build out the Bike Streets’ VAMOS Network, and return to the safe street efforts. For energy and water saving: Continue/expand stipends for residents to use electric vehicles and add solar panels. Add stipends for neighbors who wish to xeriscape. Work with Parks and Rec to change the grasses at parks to native grasses that need less water.
  • Marty's Approach to Every Issue
    Our city faces many other challenges than those listed above. In each situation, Marty will: Use a data-driven approach to addressing changes and evaluating successes. Encourage longer-term solutions rather than quick fixes. Ensure that policies are not made for neighborhoods without genuine community input. Review policies and contracts with a social justice lens.
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